Oaks Wood Therapy Service

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What is going On?

Where does suffering come from? 

Is it possible to feel free?

What is being asked of us in this life? 


Who Am I?

Psychotherapy, Eco-Therapy and Supervision.

My name is Simon Turnbull and I am a Psychotherapist, Eco-therapist and Supervisor based in Sheffield.

I believe we need to  explore the depths of the psyche to get to the roots of our suffering. And we also need to engage with what’s happening in our relationships – with friends and family but also with the rest of the living world.

I work indoors at Lydgate House, Lydgate Lane, in Sheffied (between Crookes and Broomhill), and I  work outside in the Peak District and other locations, where contact with nature can be a deeply healing experience.

Please call me on 07947 386087 for more details or to discuss whether psychotherapy, either indoors or outdoors, might be useful for you.
Or you can email me at oakswoodtherapyservice@gmail.com

If you are not local, or have difficulties with getting out of your house, we can work via Zoom etc. or telephone.

What Can I Help You With?

I am experienced in helping clients who suffer from difficulties with all sorts of life issues including:

Relationship difficulties
Loss of meaning and direction in life
Spiritual emergency/crisis
Psychedelic integration
Difficult life transitions

If you want to find out whether seeing me for  psychotherapy might be helpful, give me a call to have a chat about it.

I integrate mindfulness practice into my work, and can help you to work with mindfulness practice in your everyday life, and having trained in Relational Body Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Shamanism, I also bring these perspectives into my practice.

Where To Find Me: Lydgate House S10 5FH

I charge £60 for a 60 minute session. Some concessions are available for clients on a low income.

At the moment I am mainly working indoors Monday to Thursdays at Lydgate House. If you are interested in having sessions outdoors at our site in the Peak District we can discuss this when we meet.