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About Psychotherapy

What is it like to have Psychotherapy?

I work in a number of different ways – firstly and fundamentally by listening non-judgmentally, and through this getting an understanding of who you are, how you have become who you are, how you work, and what is going on now. On the basis of this understanding we can explore the issues that are difficult, and see if there are any immediate changes that I can help you make. Often the difficulties that you are experiencing in everyday life will find their way into the therapy room, affecting the relationship that we begin to build up, and this can be a really creative opportunity to work very directly with whatever is troubling you.

 Psychotherapy is about working at depth to find the root of the difficulties . It can be long, but if your time is limited we can work in a more directed focused way and still  go deeply enough to explore what is underlying the issues you are experiencing, and how they are interlinked.

What kinds of therapy do I offer?

Face to Face

You will experience a safe place in which to tell your story, to explore the things that you are finding difficult at the moment, and to have the experience of really being heard by someone else. My way of working as a therapist takes the whole person into account, from the defences and masks we have worn since early childhood, to the aspirations towards love and fulfilment that motivate the deepest longings of our soul.

Image of area where F2F therapy takes place

Therapy in the Wild

I am now offering therapy sessions in the beautiful setting of a private woodland near Hathersage in the Peak District, and in other outdoor settings around Sheffield.
We can walk and talk with the woodland landscape as our backdrop, or work more directly with the trees, plants and landscape  – the ‘other than human’ – to contact the wisdom naturally present in nature and the land. These sessions will last at least two hours, and will usually be fortnightly rather than weekly

Please get in touch for more details.

Near Hathersage, Peak District

Zoom and telephone sessions

If you can’t make it to see me in person, due to transport, disability or other issues, I am happy to work via Zoom or telephone.